A set of top Computer Science blogs

A set of top Computer Science blogs.

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Google : Girlfriend :: Search : Marriage

Recently, I met a good friend of mine. He is a budding entreprenuer. He said “Bro, my parents have fixed my marriage…I am still very confused…what should i do ?”. I replied saying

Bro, search is a difficult problem to solve! I mean we keeping searching for that 1 special girl all our life till we get married. In this ultimate search quest, even if we find a girlfriend and you realize that she is not the one, we still look for that 1 special girl e.g We all are committed to Google search but we still are looking for that special 1, aren’t we ? Once u find that special one, don’t evr look back n get settled. Congrats , my friend ur search is now over!

Bad News : He got MArrieD !

NOT A true story!

In reality, my mother always keeps pampering me to get married, I just say “No Way!” but what i really want to say is “Not untill i solve the search problem!”


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